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Powerfully simple, deploy in minutes

Virtual care collaboration and communication platform that enables care planning and patient engagement across all health conditions and workflows.

Customizable by healthcare providers, scalable to entire organisations, health care secure, flat predictable pricing, accessible from any device and no training required.

Personalised care for every patient
Patient and family engagement
Team-based care collaboration
Population health management

Created by patients and clinicians

The Careteam digital health platform helps health teams create personalised condition specific care plans and monitor the follow ups, all while enabling patients and their circle of support to be more active and engaged.

Smart technology, built for humans and for health care, that takes proven best practices of care coordination, care planning and virtual health teams, and makes it easy to support the patient's journey, especially at key moments such as diagnosis and discharge.

We help put the modern health care team - patients, families, health professionals - be on the same page and achieve the best possible outcomes and experience of care while reducing costs and efforts. We help the health care system act as a system!

World Health Organisation definition of health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity

Every patient and situation is unique (patient-centered care)

Best practices and PDSA (innovations applied and enhanced)
Integrate, plan and be proactive (system acting as a system)
Support network + clear communication (it takes a village)

Built for patient-centred teams

Careteam gets everyone on the same page to reduce stress and improve results

Keep an eye on the big picture

Careteam lets you know who is doing well, who needs more help, and tools to act on this information.

Empower innovation

Careteam gives teams the tools they need to quickly form, test ideas, measure impact, and rapidly scale proven solutions.

Engage patients and families

Give patients and families a clear plan and a way to easily implement it, including secure communication.

Connect teams across locations

Healthcare is fragmented. Careteam lets teams form around the patient and collaborate with the patient and their caregivers.

Health care teams use Careteam to

Optimise transitions

Errors and gaps usually occur at hand-offs. Make them predictable, reliable, and safe.

Be effective

Focus on patients with complex health needs, coordinate all touch-points.

Innovate and learn

Unlock innovation with the ability to scale - your ideas empowered!

Platform benefits

By connecting health care professionals with the patient, family and the circle of care, Careteam deals with miscommunication, missed appointments and redirects focus onto quality care - no more gaps and overlaps.

Patients and Caregivers

Enable optimal health by clarifying goals and care plans

Clarity on what needs to get done, who will do it, and whether it was done

Reduce social isolation, uncertainty, stress and burnout

Health Care Providers

Ensure supports are in place for successful transitions

Collaborate as a team, across settings and organizations

Avoid missed appointments, gaps and overlaps
Easily integrate digital tools directly into the care plan

Health Care Systems

Proactively track chronic and complex care patients

Assess the patient population and apply resources for the greatest impact

Reduce avoidable hospital admissions and readmissions