Careteam | Care Coordination Platform
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Healthcare coordination,


Dealing with a medical condition is stressful and tiring. Quality of outcomes and quality of life depend on how well a patient is supported in their health journey – both for their medical needs and all the practicalities of life.

Careteam helps patients, families and health care providers act effectively as a team, when it matters most. The health care system acts as a system. 


A care coordination platform focused around the person, based on a dynamic and integrated care plan shared across the various healthcare settings the person navigates.



Patients, family caregivers and healthcare providers can see who is on the team, message each other, ask for help, and provide updates.

Integrated care plan

Each person’s different care plans are integrated and available to both them and their care team, with appropriate role-based access.


Careteam provides a dynamic list of events and appointments that can be updated and shared.


Patients and family caregivers can request advice and practical help from theircare team, care providers or community services.

Predictive analytics

An analytics dashboard provides health system managers with insights about patients who need pro-active attention.


For Care Coordination

Message healthcare providers

Appointments, Providers and Services

Care cordination platform


For Transition Managers

Assess patient environment

Patient message and check ins

Avoid readmissions and ER visits


For Health Care Managers

Dashboard predicts who needs help

System messages to HCM and family caregivers

Monitor patients post-transition


For Patients

Information in one location

Access to health caremanagers and support

Family and health careprovider coordination

Care Plans

We welcome interest from departments and programs focused on:


Maternal Health

Frail Elderly

Family practice


Careteam is a readily configurable web and mobile software-as-service platform that can integrate with your electronic health record systems or work independently.

HIPAA compliant and secure

Private-labeled deployments

Integrates with your messaging systems

End-user support provided by Careteam Inc.

Help-desk support for health care providers

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