Dr. Greenhill interview on The Joule podcast, Boldly

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“Impossible” is a word we hear often in medicine―especially related to innovation. But if you hear it enough, you might just start to believe it.

The truth is, innovation is everywhere. Bold ideas and creations are happening right now, eager to be discovered and implemented. While real progress doesn’t happen overnight, it’s not impossible. Impossible is just a state of mind.

That’s where the Boldly podcast by Joule comes in. It is here to make you believe again―by interviewing thought leaders who are making strides in Canadian health care and beyond. They share their ideas that are shaping the world and we spread them.

Their hope? To inspire you to make bold strides for progress, no matter what you do.

Dr. Alexandra Greenhill, founder of Careteam Technologies, joins Dr. Mark Dermer from the Joule Innovation Council to discuss the importance of “soft actions” in care. Listen to find out how the use of technology can support soft actions such as communication and collaboration.