We are physicians and caregivers too

At Careteam, we believe that every person should have the opportunity to achieve their optimal health. We are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of innovation in health care.

Careteam was founded by physicians, health technology leaders and entrepreneurs, all of whom have also been caregivers on multiple occasions. We have seen health care at its best, and we have seen the system fail. We know that technology can help us be more consistent, and unlock the shackles of human capacity which limit the scale of the innovations health care so urgently needs.

The experience of health care should be more planned, predictable, reliable and flexible. Teams should form around the patient, not leave the patient feeling split between organizations. Health care teams should be able to work efficiently, and adjust as needed. Teams should be able to innovate, test, and scale successful change. Teams should include everyone critical to the person’s success – including the patient and their circle of care.

Your Careteam

Our health care systems are getting ever more complex and fragmented. It takes deep knowhow to figure out the best path forward and support patients and those who care for them at every step.
We offer our passion and expertise, based on decades of service.

Dr. Alexandra T. Greenhill, CEO & Chief Medical Officer

Alexandra is a physician leader turned tech entrepreneur, with a 15+ years track of record massive $100m+ healthcare innovations. Cofounded award-winning tech companies, is an EIR and a TedX speaker, Top 40 under 40, Most Influential Woman in STEM, WXN Most Powerful Woman and received the Queen Elizabeth II Medal of Service.

Jeremy P. Smith, CCO

Jeremy is a seasoned health tech executive having led multiple large-scale initiatives in the $100m - $1b range, particularly complex change programs. Always pushing the bounds of innovation in areas such as personal health records, eReferral, chronic disease management, integration and medication safety, Jeremy is a champion of patient-centred collaborative care.

Robert I. Attwell, COO

Carrie Christenson, Lead Developer

Software developer with a passion for health-tech, and a drive to improve patient outcomes.

Proud Vancouverite, life-long-learner, literary enthusiast and dedicated coffee drinker.

Tobias Noiges, Software Developer

Passionate web and mobile application developer with a background in biomedical informatics. He takes every opportunity to be outdoors - especially mountain biking or skiing.

Andy Theriault, Software Developer

Detail-oriented software developer, pedantic CSS enthusiast, excited to implement new technologies in the drive to improve healthcare coordination.

Loves coding side projects on the weekend, when not a code monkey, can be found in the skate park.

Hannah Barss, UX Designer

User experience designer who uses strategic thinking and real data to find solutions to tough problems. Avid cyclist, illustrator, and occasional road tripper.

Jordan Hiltunen, Software Developer

Dedicated to the development of technology to empower professionals and patients alike, Jordan has a background in primary care quality improvement and abiding interests in patient privacy rights, the logistics of care delivery, and epidemiology. When away from the digital world, he spends his time in an ancient one, as he is an avid reader and fan of the Greek classics.

Careteam Advisors

Bruce Schmidt

Manny Padda

Ryan Wilson